Reinventing The Diesel Genset For Telecom Tower Power

Power, transformed.

Bladon is a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of Micro Turbine Gensets.

Bladon is the world’s first manufacturer of microturbine gensets for the telecom market. The company has developed revolutionary & patented microturbine, heat exchanger and air bearing technologies to deliver cost effective reliable power.

Up To 8,000 Hour Service Intervals

  • Up to 90% fewer site visits
  • No lubricant or liquid coolant
  • Minimal replacement parts make services simple and low cost

Reduced Environmental Impact

  • World’s only EURO V Compliant 12kW diesel genset
  • Quietest genset at <65dB at 1m
  • Ultra low vibration

Fuel Flexibility

  • Use diesel, kerosene, paraffin or mix them
  • Lowers fuel costs
  • Deter fuel theft through mixing diesel with kerosene

Secure By Design

  • Hardened cabinet
  • Single service door access
  • Tamper-proof internal hinges
  • No reusable parts for traditional diesel gensets

Reinventing The Diesel Genset For Telecom Tower Power

Introducing a revolution in diesel gensets, with the ability to reduce operating costs by up to 60%.

  • Up to 90% reduction in site maintenance visits
  • Up to 30% savings in fuel costs
  • Proactive antitheft measures through mixing fuels, non-reusable genset parts, low value consumables

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